Ryan’s World Mystery Figures

The code for the mystery figures can be found on the back of the blind bag on the vertical seam. You are looking for the last 2 numbers in the code before the 4 end letters. We have put them in bold.

Series 6

311 Ryan
312 Snow Kitty Lexa
313 Lumberjack Ryan
314 Ryan’s Mum
315 Ryan’s Dad
316 Rocket Ryan
317 Robo Gill
318 Stunt Pilot Ryan
319 Bat Peck
320 Gamer Ryan
321 Doctor Ryan
322 Stealth Combo

Series 5

D127202SMDG Ninja Warrior Ryan
D155210SMDG Cowboy Combo
D188215SMDG Gadget Master Ryan
D155218SMDG Robo Gus
D155223SMDG Hiker Ryan
D155227SMDG The Amazing Ryan
D155231SMDG Skater Ryan
D155234SMDG Snowboarder Ryan
D155240SMDG Goalkeeper Ryan
D155242SMDG Starfighter Ryan
D155249SMDG Tiger Shark Gil
D155251SMDG Lifeguard Peck
D155255SMDG Nurse Lexa

Series 4

C308141SMDG Wizard Ryan
C308142SMDG Astro Lexa
C308143SMDG Scuba Ryan
C308144SMDG Shelldon
C336145SMDG Ninja Warrior Ryan
C308146SMDG Gil
C308147SMDG Detective Ryan
C308148SMDG Posh Peck
C308149SMDG Chef Ryan
C308150SMDG Tennis Ryan
C336151SMDG Ryan of the North
C336152SMDG Combo Panda Boss Mode

Series 3

C15575SMDG Invisi-Panda
C17175SMDG Invisi-Panda
C17176SMDG Glow in the Dark Gus
C15581SMDG Viking Ryan
C15582SMDG Alpha Lexa
C17183SMDG Artist Ryan
C17184SMDG Stone Age Ryan
C15585SMDG Clown Ryan
C17186SMDG Mecha Robo Ryan
C15587SMDG Ninja Ryan
C17188SMDG Peck
C15589SMDG Sir Ryan the Brave
C15590SMDG Ghost Chaser Ryan
C155102SMDG Yellow Cave Man Ryan

Series 2

C10306SMDG Blue Professor Ryan
C07328SMDG Gold Robo Ryan
CO9342SMDG White Spaceman Ryan
C10342SMDG Roadwork Ryan
C07345SMDG Judo Ryan
CO8543SMDG Diver Ryan
CO8546SMDG Pirate Ryan
CO8547SMDG Blue Ryan
C10347SMDG Sonic Titan
C08549SMDG Racer Ryan
C10350SMDG Darkstar Ryan
C08551SMDG Robo Combo Panda
C10362SMDG Purple Captain Ryan
C07363SMDG White Tshirt (Combo Panda) Ryan

Series 1

B31701SMDG Red Titan
B31702SMDG Cosmo Ryan
B31704SMDG Daredevil Ryan
B31705SMDG Karate Ryan
B31707SMDG Pirate Ryan
B31708SMDG Robot Ryan
B31709SMDG Builder Ryan
B31710SMDG Submarine Ryan
B31711SMDG Combo Panda
B31712SMDG Ryan
B31732SMDG Invisible Ryan
C07301SMDG Red Titan
C07302SMDG Cosmo Ryan
C07303SMDG Racer Ryan
C07304SMDG Daredevil Ryan
C07307SMDG Karate Ryan
C07311SMDG Combo Panda
C07312SMDG Ryan
C07332SMDG Invisible Ryan
C07333SMDG Gus
C07336SMDG Pilot Ryan
C07344SMDG Sonic Titan